Common Practice Los Angeles is an advocacy group that fosters research, discussions, and events that examine the current role and histories of small and mid-scale arts organizations in Los Angeles. The founding members of Common Practice Los Angeles are East of Borneo, Human Resources, LACE, LA><ART, the MAK Center, REDCAT, and X-TRA / Project X.

Founded in 2013, Common Practice LA collectively addresses the particular challenges and advantages claimed by arts organizations in Los Angeles. Through inter-organizational research, discussions, and programming, Common Practice LA is a hub for practitioners reflecting on the city’s expansive and divergent constellation of artist communities and sites for art’s reception. A laterally stretching fragmented cityscape, the built environment of Los Angeles presents unique challenges for small and mid-scale arts organizations and their publics. Factors including the adaptability of large institutions to exhibiting project-
oriented art, diminished funding for long-term support of artists’ practices, the encroaching commercial landscape, the increasing compartmentalization of arts districts, and the shifting needs of area art schools amplify continued conversations facing arts organizations in Los Angeles. Though our organizations continue to negotiate these questions independently, Common Practice LA recognizes the need to discuss these questions through collaborative efforts that would not be possible by self-sufficient means.

Common Practice LA draws inspiration from Common Practice and Common Practice NY, affiliated advocacy groups working for the recognition and fostering of the small and mid-scale contemporary visual arts sectors in London and New York. Common Practice is founder of the Common Practice Network.